Friday 21 December 2012

Human rights and youth celebration in Camden

 In Camden there was a celebration for Human Rights Day and of the youth projects run by CADFA and Dar Assadaqa on 20th December. It included music, film, talks by participants and the presentation of Youthpass certificates to people from the In Our Place project.  The certificates were due to be presented by Sarah Ludford MEP. Unfortunately she had flu - we wish her better quickly - so they were presented by CADFA chair, Munir Nusseibeh.

Human rights and youth celebration, Abu Dis

In Abu Dis there was a celebration for Human Rights Day and of the youth projects run by CADFA and Dar Assadaqa on 8th December. It included music, film, talks, exhibitions and presentation of Youthpass certificates to people from the In Our Place project.

Monday 13 August 2012

The visit was not as I expected

– it was much better.

From a Palestinian report.

Rukaiya and the stage

A Palestinian report...

Journey to London. The main aim of this visit was to raise the awareness among Palestinian people about the case of Palestine through drama. We visited many of the schools and organisations and we told them about Palestine. Also we managed to produce short films about Palestine and the problems that the Palestinians face. We did drama sketches in relation to the problems that Palestinians face in their lives and we showed some of these sketches in a cultural day in London.

During the visit we saw many beautiful and important places in Britain. We went to Parliament and historical and unique places. We enjoyed this visit from the first day we arrived. Camping was for me a very useful experience, and also living without electricity was interesting. Meeting with my new friends in London was also enjoyable.

Everything was good on this trip and I did not face any problems. There were no problems on this visit.

I learned many things during this visit. I learned how to live without electronic equipment, and how to live inside nature and how to depend on myself. My expectations were less than the reality – it was much, much better than I expected.

My role in this journey was good. I don’t think that I caused any problems. I would like to see the communication between the Palestinians and the British continuing and good. I would love to help in improving the links between the two sides and to have an active role in building these links between us. I believe that the programme for the trip was good and did not need any changes.

Thursday 9 August 2012

(Before) Looking forward to the visit


My name is Obaida Afana. I am 13 years old. I study at Abu Dis Boys School in 7th grade. When I finish studying I want to be a doctor.


I have 4 brothers and one sister. Three of my brothers are older than me, as is my sister. I have one younger brother in 3rd Grade.


I study in Abu Dis Boys School. I take seven or six subject and I have in my class seven teachers and I have in my class 36 children and I love English subject and science subjects. Sometimes soldiers come to my school and the head master closes the school and we don’t take any lessons because if the soldiers find us in the school they might beat us up or arrest us.

Sometime the soldiers might stop us and give us a little bit of trouble on the way to school. I have friends who go to school in Jerusalem and it is much harder for them because of the checkpoint. School starts at 8 in the morning and they have to leave home at 6. Jerusalem is not very far from Abu Dis (before the wall it used to take15minutes) but now it can sometimes take 2hrs because they have to go through a checkpoint. The soldiers wear big M1 guns and they can sometimes give people trouble. Even the children.

Sometimes the Arabic teacher doesn’t give us any Arabic class because we misbehave in class.


I have an Aunt who lives in Jerusalem. Her children and her husband have blue I.D cards but she has a green I.D card. By Israeli law, if you live in Jerusalem you should have a blue I.D. Her children want her to take the blue I.D but she is reluctant to do so because if she does it will be very difficult for her to cross the checkpoints into Abu Dis where by grandmother and the rest of our family live.


My Freedom

Braveheart is one of my favourite films. In it the Scottish people fight for their freedom. This reminds me of my country. In Palestine we don’t have freedom. Many people do not even have rights. Everyone in Palestine is fighting for their freedom.


I am going to London to talk to people about Palestine because I want people to understand the situation in Palestine, what the Zionist people do to Palestinian people and the olive trees the and what happens to the Palestinian people when they try to move around the country.

I am looking forward to seeing Big Ben, Tower Bridge and The London Eye. I am also looking forward to learning about British culture and London life.